Mennonite Services Northwest

A Management and Consulting Company Providing Life-Enriching Services


Mennonite Management Services (MMS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mennonite Services Northwest (MSNW) of Albany, OR and a management and consulting company with expertise in providing life-enriching health and housing services to the aging and to individuals experiencing developmental disabilities.

Mennonite Management Services was formed in 2013 to manage both Corvallis Caring Place, Corvallis, OR and Macdonald Residence, Portland, OR. MMS and MSNW are sponsored by Mennonite Health Services (MHS) Alliance of Goshen, Indiana.


MSNW was created out of Mennonite Village (MV), an accredited, nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). MV's executive staff has been involved in various types of consulting throughout the organization's 67-year history.

In 2006, Mennonite Village (MV) was approached by the board of Corvallis Caring Place (CCP) to be its management partner. This management agreement reaffirmed a relationship that began when MV consulted in the development of CCP, a nonprofit, 42-unit assisted living facility. Through this experience, MV came to realize there was a lack of nonprofit management companies to work with smaller organizations who serve the aging and other vulnerable groups. MV subsequently formed MSNW and MMS to fill that void. MMS assumed the management of CCP in 2013. In 2014, the board of Macdonald Center of Portland, OR granted MMS a contract to manage Macdonald Residence, a unique assisted living community in Portland, OR whose residents are dependent upon Medicaid.

Corvallis Caring Place Assisted Living, Corvallis, Oregon Macdonald Residence Assisted Living, Portland, Oregon
Corvallis Caring Place Assisted Living
Corvallis, Oregon
Macdonald Residence Assisted Living
Portland, Oregon


MMS is committed to supporting and enhancing the aging services profession by sharing its experience and knowledge with other like-minded, organizations. Through its consulting and management services, MMS helps communities to thrive in an increasingly competitive business environment. The goal of MMS is to encourage the local flavor of each managed entity and provide services that will support and enhance its operations, ultimately improving life for the people served.


MMS offers a full range of support services, including:
•    Operations management
•    Health services management and consulting
•    Accounting
•    Payroll
•    Human resources (HR)
•    Board development
•    Project development
•    Strategic planning
•    Information technology (IT)
•    Software support

Senior Executives

Gene Stutzman

Gene Stutzman is the CEO for MMS and Chief of Operations for MSNW. He was president/CEO of Mennonite Village during the mid-1990s and served as president of OMRS (Oregon Mennonite Residential Services), an MSNW affiliate, from to 2009 through 2012.

Mr. Stutzman has a Master’s Degree in Social Services Administration from Portland State University School of Social Work. His 30-year professional career includes work in public finance administration and small business ownership.

Clifford Mars

Clifford Mars is the CFO for MMS and MSNW. He was Controller for Mennonite Village, an affiliate of MSNW, for three years prior to assuming his present position.

Mr. Mars earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Hayward, with emphasis in both accounting and computer information systems. He worked seven years with KPMG in Oakland, California, where he earned his Certified Public Accountant license. His professional career also includes working as a finance manager at an automobile manufacturer and a controller at an internet retailer in addition to a short time owning his own business. Mr. Mars is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



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